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As a Home-Owner, a detailed check up of your home is like a visit to the doctor's office for a physical.  You can then assess everything and know what is OK and what needs further attention.  You also want to take measures to fix things that need fixing before they get out of hand and then need to be replaced.  Here is a fall check list that may be useful for all home-owners in maintaining a healthy home.


1) Drain outside water lines and hoses, it cost me $150 a few years ago, to make the repair to my outside faucet.   


2) Clean out the window wells and gutters, it is just good housekeeping.


3) Check your window and door weather stripping for damage and tightness of fit, if you see light you need to make a quick repair.


4) Check and lubricate your window hardware, after a winter of being closed up, windows are sometimes hard to open.  


5) Make sure your garage door opener is auto reversing (going back up if it senses an obstruction) and adjust it if need be


6) Sweep debris from flat and low sloped roofs; be careful, it is cheaper to pay someone to do this instead of hurting yourself.


7) Evaluate the roof for future replacement.   Have a roofer look at it, they will know what to look for and often times know if your area has been hit by weather that could cause damage.


8) Check vents, louvers, chimney caps and housings for birds’ nests and other debris, otherwise you may be at risk for a fire.


9) Inspect plumbing system components that are easily accessible, mainly your flush valves, faucets, hose bibs, supply and drainage pipes, including those in the basement or crawl space.


10) Examine all joints in your ceramic tile and similar surfaces, if there are cracks you need to have an inspector look at bracing your flooring.   Sooner is cheaper than later.


11) Replace batteries in Smoke detectors and buy your supply for remotes and kid’s toys.


It is definitely cheaper to do a Fall Check-Up for your Home In and Around in Springfield, Mo than to get hit with expenses that hit your pocketbook later in time.


Need a Roofer, Plumber, Heating and Air Evaluation, a Handyman, in Springfield, Mo and the surrounding area, contact me, I have a list of great referrals my past clients and friends have used.    


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Wow I will print this and make a punch list as they are several remindersfor me to do

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