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Scott and YvonneHouses In and Around Springfield MOLife, as I knew it changed in July of 2014, when first my Sweet Mother Dear was diagnosed terminally ill with breast cancer after a clean diagnosis the year before.    As I began the grieving process to accept she was no longer always going to be with us, I learned to appreciate even more the very simplest of things.   I liked fixing her bananas and milk when I visited so that she would have the potassium for a strong heart.  I wanted to make sure she could hear my voice every morning regardless if she wanted to talk or not.  I did get in my car and traveled to see her after a day's work, those moments were important.   I diligently Mom and Mescheduled client appointments around doctor's appointments, and arrived to work daily before 5am most days.    Every moment was savored, captured with pictures, and video became ever so important.   My Mother's health began a slow declined, but she always said, we gave it a good fight.

      MD AndersonAs My Mother fought, my husband's appendix cancer returned after four years, seven months, ten days of receiving his last chemo treatment.   I remember the day, November 22, and it was the day my life changed even more.   My husband, who is a pilot, grounded himself as any adverse health condition warrants no flying and this was our new norm.   Now both, my mother and my husband were going to doctor's appointments fighting the fight.    Scott, my husband, and I  traveled to MD Anderson, the first of December to meet with doctors and see if he was indeed a candidate for HIPEC surgery which it was later confirmed he would do.   Our Hands It was a very hard trip for me to leave my Mother not knowing if she would survive while we were gone.   We were able to return a week later and soon it was Christmas, which we got to spend with my Mom.    Each day, I spent with my Mom, there were very in depth conversations about life, death, choices, affirmations, and her wishes for my life when she was gone.   It was a very sweet time.  On January 6, 2015, my Mother took her last breathe.    This was after her sharing her last "Love You, Babe in the softest voice I have ever heard.   On that very same day, my husband was taking his chemo treatment and could not be with us.Cancer Stinks!



Scott's Hipec SurgeryThe next months I focused on my husband as he prepared for his surgery.   On April 1, 2015, he underwent HIPEC surgery, a ten and a half hour surgery where he was opened up, all his organ were scraped of cancer, he was given a chemo bath for 90 minutes while shook on a table by two doctors and then opened back up and examined before being stapled up.   After surgery, he was in the hospital for four weeks at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.  Preparing for Surgery A week after his surgery, it was confirmed they had gotten the cancer and he was cancer free.     This was incredible news.

Recovery at MD Anderson

We returned home, and at that time things got challenging again.   Scott's recovery was slow, with absolutely no appetite which translated into no strength to walk.    Scott's company, O'Reilly has worked with us so that he could return to work in some compacity when he felt better.     Fast forward to today, October 4, Scott has returned to a desk job with his company O'Reilly Automotive, has lost over 95 pounds, and is fighting an abscess that has been nicknamed the Beast by me.   For the next 30 days, he is doing IV infusions at home full of antibiotics and we hope it will shrink. 

 Houses In and Around Springfield MONow, you may ask, where does real estate fit into this picture?   Well very tightly, with a genuine heart.    My first commitment, when I began to focus on my Mom, was each client was informed of what was happening in my life.   Each one was given my personal commitment that if either one of us felt like I wasn't taking great care of them that I would gladly hand them over to one of my team.    I found myself to be sharper, and more committed to making it all work.   I found that, more than ever,  it was important to do my homework, as I have the ability to get in my car see a ton of houses and weed out all those that are not the bang for the money.  I find that showing five absolutely great houses often times leads to a contract.    If not, I haven't done a good job educating them or they have uncertainties that need to be addressed so they can decide if buying is a great option as it was when we first started talking.   Sometimes buyers do need to see that they are getting a great deal, so it important to expedite that process because great houses get snatched up quickly!   When selling, it is important to know the commitment, as when contracts come in you want them to not lose it because a buyer changes their mind in the time it took them to decide.    Interesting enough, establishing risks of losing a great house, or losing a buyer, before the contract is established is the key.    I have always felt that it is all about my client's time line, not mine.   I don't want them to buy if they aren't ready to buy; I want them to fall back in love with their current home if it is not time to sell.    I want them to know that life changes quickly, not to take any of it for granted.    I feel as though my story of life changing is one that I can draw on in so many ways.   I value my time to work and whole heartily go all in.    I value the time I sit in silence beside my husband and remember our Normal Life, and love that we cherish one another and support one another in our own personal trials.   I love that my relationships with clients have turned into friendships and that I am aware of what others are going through.   I love that technology allows me to negotiate deals and keep things organized no matter what JOYFULGod has This and That Toois going on!  

        It is a blessing to be a Realtor® and to be able to be the CEO of my own company.   It is phenomenal that honesty, integrity, time is of the essence, and follow through allow me to support my family in times of abundance and times of challenge.  I cannot imagine my life doing anything else.   I am thankful for Scott’s children, his mother, and all of my family for understanding how our lives have changed and how we celebrate that change.  Our friends, well it goes without saying, they were with us in good times, and they have stayed with us through tough times.  Oh, and my lovely company I chose to work with, Southwest Missouri Realty, is spirited, firey, motivated, and have e-on's of experience are a delight to see everyday and work with.   Finally, what is the bottom line, my real estate business did not stop, my business, it has grown.   Thankful!!!!   God definitely has This; and That Too!    




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When Life Gets Crazy, We Persevere!!!!
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