Selling Real Estate In Springfield, Mo Preparing for an Open House!

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Each day, I wake up with a great deal of optimism and each day I strive for something that some say is irrelevant.   I approach every conversation and every meeting with the desire to WOW someone.    Some days, I know I am laying the ground work for a Really Big WOW! that will occur at a later date.                

Every Monday, I approach my week with the finish line being Sunday which is usually an open house.    I learned the Value of Mondays with the book "Monday Morning Choices."    I have three mentors in Real Estate.    The one that I seem to be the most successful emulating is the one who gives up his Monday mornings to host Monday Morning Choices book club and Field Skills.    He is the one who taught me to think about the building blocks that you must assemble to be successful.    

                 Each Monday, I select my open house and do a complete neighborhood analysis, put together my Buyer Welcome Packets, and put together a computer generated client portal to send me any new listings that come on the market that are comparable.         

               On Tuesdays, I go to the house, put up my signs and familiarize myself with the property verify the condition of the property and make sure the lights have light bulbs in them and the curb appeal is good.   This also confirms that there is not a problem with the key, the door, or the lockbox, which does happen.  It gives me a chance to make the owner aware of any problems and reminds them to have everything show ready.                                                                          Also on Tuesdays, I also physically go into all the competition houses that I have not been in.    I always drop by FSBOs, introduce myself, find out their asking price, and ask for a quick tour.   I also tell them that I am going to have Open House in case they are interested in holding theirs open.   I try to find out where they are going and remind them that they will want to have a buyer's agent when they buy.                                                                            

                 Wednesday, I blog about my OPEN HOUSE!                                                         

                Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I monitor the daily activity of the MLS so that I am familiar with the answer to the question everyone wants to know.....How is the Market?                 

                Sunday, I go into the office, and revisit all the facts on the MLS.    I always have my OPEN HOUSE box ready to go with cards, pens, paper, calendars and a Contract packet, I am ready to sell of course!  

                  This past Sunday was no different than any other, except I did hear a lot of people say they were not interested in working with a Buyer's Agent.   I found it somewhat disheartening as buying and selling is a huge endeavor with the potential of a lot of things going wrong that could cost you time and money.    After an hour and half of practice, drill, rehearse I kept my same optimism with each conversation.    A nice gentleman entered the house and stated again, just looking, not working with anyone.    We talked and talked about what properties surrounded my open house, and there was nothing in comparison for the age and price but I pulled out my booklet and went through each one.     He called me the next day, his wife wanted to look at it, and again we revisited the other listings.    They went home, thought about it, visited the bank and wrote a contract today.Yvonne C. Burdette Selling Real Estate

                   For me, I am the most comfortable when I am armed with information.   I love being able to walk into a house that I have previewed and knowing the light switch is around the corner.  I love yelling down the hallway, "Don't miss that feature," all because I know what is on the other side of the door. 

                    Saying all this, I do look to "WOW" someone every day.    I love it when someone says to me,   Thank You, you have been so helpful, courteous, and aware of our feelings and concerns.   I love it when others see my true desire which is to help anyone achieve their goals.   When working with me it is your time line and not mine.    My time-line is to hustle when it is Time for YOU! 



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Selling Real Estate In Springfield, Mo Preparing for an Open House!
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