Someone Criticised Your For Sale Property: What Can You Do About it?

It is so important to realize that there will be LOTS of FEEDBACK, negative and positive IF YOU have LOTS of showings.    It is so important to be open and recognize you may be on one persons "lists of houses", another's "I can't wait to see it showings", and another's "convenient house showing".  Follow the rule, change the things you can, accept the things you can't.   Things like small yard, cut up floorplan need to be accepted, dark and dreary, or clulttered and worn are things you can work with.     I think it is interesting to know what they don't tell you, that is why it is so important to want that feedback and even encourage it.   Feedback closes sales!  And that is what it is ALL about CLOSING!   

Selling property in any market can see you riding one of life’s biggest emotional rollercoaster. One of the biggest culprits of the negative emotions that arise from selling property comes from the inevitable buyer feedback.  Some will of course be magic, but some of it will probably get your hackles up. It’s because it feels so personal. It’s not...not really.

Negative buyer feedback doesn’t have to define your sale price. It all comes down to how you handle it.Don't Feed the Troll


Here are a few suggestions for working with buyer feedback.


Expect it: Someone said something unflattering about your place. So? In the open property market this goes with the territory. The good news is your place didn’t burn down, taking half the houses in your street with it.


Accept it: Your place won’t suit everybody, that’s a given. You knew that already right? Buyers will make judgements about your home based on their experiences – including other homes on the market in your area. But all feedback is valid because it comes from your target market. Take what you can reasonably use. Check out the next tip.


Use it: Some feedback is less helpful because it’s either too vague, or too obvious. There’ll be some things about your place that you just cannot change. But stop for a minute and ask yourself if any of the feedback is new to you. Could there be a new approach to your marketing, price or presentation that you and your selling agent can grab a hold of and look closer at?


Try empathising just a little: Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and ask yourself what you could/would do with your property if you were met with the same circumstances. Can you come up with a solution? You may not need to provide the solution yourself, but by simply suggesting a way to solve a problem based on your experiences, skills or knowledge can go a long way to keeping a buyer interested.


Don't dig your heals in too deep: Chewing out your agent or the buyers is a bit like feeding the troll and will only make you feel lousy about the whole sales process. Look back over the above tips and see if there’s an approach you haven’t yet considered.


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Someone Criticised Your For Sale Property: What Can You Do About it?
It is so important to realize that there will be LOTS of FEEDBACK, negative and positive IF YOU have LOTS of showings. It is so important to be open and recognize you may be on one persons "lists of houses", another's "I can't wait… more
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