Why a FSBO hires a Realtor


                If you are currently a FSBO who is trying to sell your property yourself, you may want to consider the value of feedback!    I am talking about the genuine, truthful feedback.      So often, buyers do not want to insult the seller or their home, no matter what they think.   Yvonne C. Burdette is Selling in Springfield, MO

            You may LOVE your pool, they may not want a pool!.   They see it as an expense. They probably won't tell you.  

            Think about it, it is easier to smile and say thank you for allowing them to see your house than it is to offer their true opinion of your house.   Obviously, You probably love your house, and it might be personal!.   

                 A REALTOR offers WORTH when actively, aggressively seeking constructive feedback as yet another tool of successful selling.   For me, it is a part of my daily agenda!   I do not believe that raw FEEDBACK can be obtained without asking questions and being engaged in the marketplace.   Previewing and studying  the market every day is mandatory to understand the shifts in the market.    Realtors have access to such REAL information and use it as the foundation to help their sellers.


  If you are looking for a REALTOR,Yvonne C. Burdette is Selling in Springfield, Mo in Springfield, Ozark, Nixa, Rogersville, Battlefield or   Highlandville, Mo,  that understands why you want to sell your property yourself, but brings value by being engaged in the activity of selling of your property, call me!  

               When you choose a REALTOR, choose a REALTOR who learns, experiences, and grows with each minute of each day.  A REALTOR who PROVIDES, so YOU can DECIDE!    I List and CLOSE CONTRACTS in Springfield, Ozark, Nixa, Republic, Battlefield, and  Rogersville, MO.      CALL TODAY!    

FEEDBACK is ONE KEY REALTORS USE TO  SELL HOUSES!     When FSBOs hire a  Realtor, SELLERS see the WORTH.            





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